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What is housing like?

You will be housed in double rooms. The facilities are communal. 

Are the buildings air-conditioned?

The auditorium has AC. The rooms, kitchen, the rehearsal rooms, and the dining room do not.

What is there to do in St. Hippolyte-du-Fort?

In St. Hippolyte, you can find many shops and restaurants, as well as a big supermarket. It is about a 20 minute walk from the CROP. There is also a silk museum, and a media library. If you are interested in sports, you can visit the public pool, or take tennis lessons. You will be surrounded by nature and many beautiful hiking trails to explore!

How can I get around during the masterclass?

All the shops are about a 20 minute walk from the masterclass venue. Transport for the various activities and concerts will be organized by the masterclass. 

I have food allergies or a special diet. Can I be accommodated?

Our cook can accommodate special dietary needs. Please let us know about your needs during registration. 

I am not available for the whole masterclass. Can I enroll for just one week?

We encourage you to stay for the whole duration, especially as it is designed to prepare for the final concerts. However, partial participation can be discussed with the teachers in special cases. 

I just sent my application, should I book my plane ticket immediately?

No, wait for final confirmation from us. 

Do I need to bring concert wear?


Are the buildings handicap accessible?

The common buildings are accessible to people with reduced mobility (auditorium, classrooms and catering rooms, toilets). However, the bedrooms are not. 

Is the masterclass venue in a peaceful area?

Yes, especially because it is surrounded by a large park.

I’m under 18, can I register for the masterclass?

For minors, a mini masterclass is planned (see the page “Masterclass for Young Singers”). To participate in the masterclass, if you are not 18 years old, you must have written authorization from your legal guardians releasing us from all liability.

Will I study with one or multiple teachers?

Over the entire masterclass you will have 7 private singing lessons of 40 minutes. You will have some studies with the different teachers, but have one main teacher.

Is sheet music provided?

You will decide directly with your main teacher which program you will sing. You will be responsible for arriving with two copies of your own scores. 

Do I need to have my scores memorized?

We urge you to come with your solo parts memorized, but it is not obligatory. The ensemble pieces will be sung with a score. 

Is it required to sing in an ensemble

Yes, ensemble rehearsal is part of the program and there will be ensemble pieces in the concert.

How many performances will I participate in?

At least two as a soloist and one as a member of an ensemble. 

If I am sick can I see a doctor?

There are several doctors in the village, as well as two pharmacies. 


I have a family emergency that is preventing me from participating in the masterclass, will I be refunded?

In the cause of a major unforeseen event, you can be refunded. 

I changed my mind and no longer wish to participate in the masterclass.

If you forfeit your spot for personal reasons, we will keep the €300 deposit.